You Can Watch This Guy Willingly Get Stung By A ‘Murder Hornet’ And I’m Freaking Out

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I can’t even right now. I’m going to have nightmares for a week!

This CRAZY dude, Coyote Peterson, WILLINGLY got stung by a Giant Freaking Murder Hornet, and the entire thing is on video.

Courtesy of Brave Wilderness on YouTube

I couldn’t look away while it was happening, but it was the creepy-crawliest thing I’ve ever seen. *Shutter*

Courtesy of Brave Wilderness on YouTube

These Murder Hornets are so dang big. I want to cry right now. They are straight out of a sick game of real-life Jumanji, and I want it to end NOW.


This freaking GINORMOUS hornet was first spotted in the U.S. back in December. Since then, there have been several sightings in the Pacific Northwest, as well as 2 sightings in British Columbia.


These monsters have garnered the name “Murder Hornet” on Twitter, and for good reason.


This scary-looking bug rips the heads of of honey bees, and demolishes their hives in less than an hour. In case you missed that — they DECAPITATE honey bees!


(A Washington State Department of Agriculture entomologist) described a lifecycle where Asian giant hornets attack individual honeybees in the early summer – turning prey into a “meatball” to feed to hornet larvae. Soon, the hornets abandon this “hunting phase” in favor of the “slaughter phase” – the wholesale killing of bee colonies so the hornets can plunder their hives.

USA Today

Now, just looking at these Murder things sends chills down my spine, but researchers say not to worry. Although these hornet stings kill about 50 people a year in Japan, they don’t prefer to go after humans.


That being said, watch the video of one of these monstrous Murder Hornets stinging Coyote Peterson, below. (It starts at about the 7:30 minute mark.)

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