You Can Get This Bowling Slip ‘N Slide That Comes With Inflatable Bowling Pins and I Need One

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You can get a Slip ‘N Slide that turns you into a human bowling ball, and my kids MUST have this for summer!

How fun is this?!? My kids BEG to go bowling all of the time! It is just something that all kids like to do, AMIRITE?!?

But, even more than bowling, my kids like to splash around, get wet, and have a great ol’ time in the hot summer sun!

Why make them choose, when they can do both??

Courtesy of Dick’s Sporting Goods

This Wham-O Splash Bowling Slip ‘N Slide turns your kids into the bowling ball, as they splash and slide along the water of this “bowling lane.”

There are even inflatable bowling pins that the kids can knock over. They are going to flipping love this!

I’m loving the fact that this fun Bowling Slip ‘N Slide fun is only $20!!

Courtesy of Dick’s Sporting Goods

Goodness, for THAT price, I can get one for each of my kids, and we can open our own Slip ‘N Slide bowling alley! Ha!

*16’ inflatable Slip ‘N Slide®
*Perfect for ages five (5) to twelve (12) years old
*Designed to look like a bowling lane for ultimate fun
*Features one (1) sliding land
*Streams of water on end and sides for a refreshing splash
*Includes three (3) inflatable pins for added fun

Dick’s Sporting Goods

You can get your own Bowling Slip N Slide Here.

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Courtesy of Amazon

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