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These Adorable Bunny And Hedgehog Ceramic Planters Are Exactly What’s Missing From Your Life

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I love tiny things and that includes tiny succulent plants.

They’re so easy to care for and there are so many ways to display them.

I just found the tiniest and cutest animal ceramic planters and I have to have them!

MsCeiba Etsy

You can get a bunny planter or a hedgehog planter, I can’t choose just one so I’m going to get them both.

love this tiny planter! people tell me how cute it is all the time.

Stacie Wallace – Etsy customer review
MsCeiba Etsy

The ceramic animal planters do not come with plants so you can put whatever you want in there, as long as it’s small.

There are drainage holes in the planters so that your plants can drain freely.

MsCeiba Etsy

The ceramic bunny planter measures about 3.14 inches by 3.14 inches by 3.24 inches.

The hedgehog planter measures about 4.33 inches by 3.34 inches by 3.34 inches.

Kaitlyn Scherrer – Etsy customer reivew

Perfect for my little person and her first succulent

marlala2 – Etsy customer review
MsCeiba Etsy

They are so adorable and would look cute pretty much anywhere, and since they’re small they won’t require too much space.

Perfect for Easter and as a sweet little gift!

Jessica Rickert – Etsy customer review

It’s very cute. I bought it as a gift and I’m going to buy another for myself!

Jessica Rickert – Etsy customer review

You can buy the tiny bunny and hedgehog ceramic planters from MsCeiba on Etsy!

MsCeiba Etsy

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