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10 Weird Pregnancy Issues

I always feel a little different–like maybe I’m a half-step out of sync with the rest of the world. But really, sometimes, there are things that are just odd and then there are things that are ODD. These 10 Weird Pregnancy Issues that happen to me are just downright strange.

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Being pregnant is such an awesome thing…it really is. And I’m the very last person on the planet to ever complain. I don’t believe in much, but I believe that me being pregnant is kinda a miracle. For me to be pregnant a second time while I’m already happy and playing with my more-than-perfect daughter…it’s like lightning struck twice. But this weirdness…

  • Smell. Everything stinks. No, not like “oh the world sucks” but more like “I swear, if everyone doesn’t go take a shower and put on deodorant, I might just implode from the ick”. Like even my own natural body-smell (please tell me I don’t have BO) smells like HORRIBLE to me. I can have just climbed out of the shower and I feel like I smell like I ran a mile…ewww…Imagine how it is with my son’s sneakers…gew….
  • Food Aversions. I’m a “eat anything” kinda girl. I’ll try whatever at least once. But, apparently, when I’m preggers, I cannot stand fast food, greasy anything, or heavy anything…it’s the weirdest thing. Because, ten minutes later, I’m fine and I want to chow-down on that burger I just so recently despised. I can’t be alone…other women have weird cravings…I just hate food–that’s my craving.
  • Pain – in odd places. Well, you see, I never hurt. Not really. Other people complain of their back aching or their feet or whatever. Not me. I’m blessed with a pretty pain-free existence for the most part. But when I’m pregnant…my legs hurt (ok, so that seems normal), my back hurts (again, normal), and my pelvis–on the inside, hurts like the dickens! I’m pretty sure it’s from the widening and getting ready for birth business…but ow.
  • Exhaustion. In the first trimester, it was a thousand times worse. But even now, as I’m rolling through the second and about to emerge into the third in just a couple of weeks, I’m WIPED! I feel like I could take 2-3 naps a day and still not be really rested. The worst part is that I try to fall asleep at night early–and I can’t get to sleep…where’s that tiny violin?!
  • Uh, it’s hard to shave. Now, I’m not a big-time shaver by any means…I have blonde hair and its really thin and fine. So, shaving my legs is like a once-a-week activity most of the time, if that. But while pregnant…there’s more hair, it’s darker, thicker and it grows like a freaking jungle! That wouldn’t be so bad, but with this baby-bump (which I would like to point out is like 4-times bigger during this, my second, pregnancy!) keeps me from being able to see and bend over and whatnot to do the shaving!10 Weird Pregnancy Issues #pregnancy #weirdpregnancy #pregnancysymtoms #weirdpregnancyissues #parenting


  • Weakness. Yeah, this is the issue that inspired this post. Six months ago, I could wander up and down my stairs at home with my daughter on my hip and no muss, no fuss. Now, like today, I found myself taking her up the stairs at a snail’s pace and I was still out of breath by the time we got up there…no amount of preggy-exercises seem to help me keep my normal level of endurance…it’s so saaaaad…I’m all pouty about it.
  • Allergies. No idea what’s going on with this…I was fine with mascara, running around outside, everything, until I conceived. Now I have like this 10-step plan to keep my allergies at bay. Who would have thought?!
  • Brushing teeth is sometimes grisly. So, this was one of the ways I kinda thought I might be pregnant. Every time I brush my teeth, there’s a little blood in my spit. It’s gross. Makes me a little nauseous just writing about it. I’m going to stop now.
  • Oh, the crying! Ok, it’s more like “oh, the mood swings”. I can be cool as a cucumber one minute and ready to skin someone the next over the tiniest infractions.
  • Patience (like from others, not me). Yeah, this is something I don’t think normally happens around me. I’m pretty sure that the normal reaction from people is not: “It’s ok, you just sit this one out.” No, normally they’re like: “Come-on! We’re doing this together!” But when I’m pregnant, there’s all sorts of leeway I’ve been given…it’s weird and I’m frankly a little suspicious…LOL!

I simply can’t wait until my little lady is all done in the “oven” and ready to come out! Then, I’ll be searching for ways to jump-start labor…HA!



Friday 27th of July 2018

The pelvic thing could really be a problem. If it causes problems walking especially at night when you get up to go to the bathroom you could hqve something called pubic synthesis dysfunction. My daughter had it and it is very painful. She kept thing she had maybe broken her pelvic bone. Feel free to message me and I can explain further if your pain feels similar.