Carvel Has A New Tie-Dye Shake That Tastes Like Cake Mix and I Need One

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Isn’t it so weird how the appearance of food affects the way it tastes to us? The brain is a crazy thing, especially mine. Mine is a bit broken, but it still recognizes pretty food and drinks!


But it’s like the more you like to look at something edible, the more tasty it is! I mean, sure…ugly food tastes good too, but there is definitely something special about pretty food.


I can’t be the only one like this right? I am less likely to try something that looks like slop. Now, you hand me a plate that has food perfectly arranged and I’ll likely give it a try.


Is that crazy? For instance, I look at this image of the new Tie-Dye Specialty Shake from Carvel and my mind is already saying “OH, that’s good!”, the thing is, I haven’t tried it.


My brain just says oh, pretty food is good food! Pretty drinks are great drinks! I don’t think many drinks are prettier than this one, check it out…


It’s so colorful! Looks at those chunks of pound cake on top! It even tastes like cake mix and is loaded with tie-dye swirled colors and then topped with whipped cream, rainbow sprinkles, and the pound cake.


Well, boohoo for me, because we don’t have a Carvel anywhere near us! But maybe you do? You can check for online for Carvel locations. They even have special BOGO sundaes deals on Wednesdays! Booo!


Now I’m going to go wallow in self-pity because I don’t have access to this heavenly looking creation… I also glanced through their other menu items and I really think we need a Carvel here. I mean you can never have too many ice cream shops in a place like Texas. Bring it!


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