Kids Are Posting A Disturbing ‘George Floyd Challenge’ On Social Media. Here’s What Parents Need To Know

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Just when I thought things couldn’t possibly get worse…

*Quick warning* this is really, really disturbing so be warned before you continue reading…

There is a new disturbing and disrespectful challenge going around on social media deemed the ‘George Floyd Challenge’ and it is getting some teens arrested.

Now if you have a teen, chances are, you know they do DUMB things. It’s what kids do.

But this, this is way beyond dumb – it is just disgusting and awful.

The ‘George Floyd Challenge’ is a challenge that involves two kids. One kid lays on the ground with their hands behind their back (to resemble George Floyd) and the other kid places their knee on that kids neck. Yes, in the same fashion that George Floyd died.


Kids are then posting photos and videos of themselves doing this online and further encouraging other teens to take part.

Now, for the most part, many of these images and videos are being deleted once they are reported on Facebook, Twitter and even TikTok.

However, that does NOT change the fact this is happening.

Not only is this dangerous. It is sick. It is mocking the death of someone.

Honestly, I’m outraged about it.

Some teens are even being charged with a hate crime and are being arrested.

A spokesperson for Northumbria Police said:

‘We can confirm we are investigating after an image was shared on social media which showed two men imitating the recent death of US citizen George Floyd.

An investigation was launched and yesterday (Sunday) officers arrested two males aged 19 and another male aged 18 on suspicion of sending communications causing anxiety and distress. ‘They have since been released on bail. We understand that this is social media post has caused significant upset and we want to reassure the public it is being investigated robustly and is being treated as a hate crime.’

Metro UK

I am just disgusted this is even happening.

So, why am I telling you?

Because as parents we need to be aware of what our children are not only being exposed to but what they are being involved with.

We as parents have to do better.

We have to raise better children.

So please, I beg you. Help put a stop to this hate and racism. And please, help put a stop to this awful “challenge” that mocks the death of a man that should still be alive today.

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    This crap needs to stop! We have black people that have been killed, we have white people that have been killed, we have all nationalities that have been killed by corrupt police. Those policemen that have acted out of hatred, 99% of them have been fired and charged with murder!
    I refuse to be afraid! These are OUR STATES…
    We should love our NEIGHBOR, like CHRIST told us to…. it doesn’t matter the color of our skin, all that matters is what is in your Heart…

  2. I have been considering how limited those in the “public service” sector of our society are as a result of complacency. I have also considered the honor bestowed upon them by the public they work for that remains ignorant to the facts of what this “job” has become. I have believed for many years that “God forbid anyone rethink the process of many societal problems ” we are in desperate need of a paradigmatic shift but this will not come without ruffling the feathers of those currently holding the positions that continue to yield similar results. This has a reasonable resolution. However, it will require changes that many resist. It’s as if we as a nation have lost or better yet, relinquished the responsibility because it’s more responsibility, instead of the acknowledgement that the human mind has virtually unlimited ability when the will provides the motivation. We need to evolve. We have a dynamic side yet it is often untapped because the fear of failure seems more comfortable than the adjustment to success. It’s not complex as we are lead to believe. Btw, I don’t believe in utopia, I believe in the nature of the human mind when not obstructed by dishonesty (which is learned behavior) not human nature, coupled with the potential of the human spirit.