Get Rid of Boy Foot Odor in 4 {Easy} Steps

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I’m a tween boy’s mom with a lot of experience trying to find a non-medication way of dealing with a lot of life’s little hassles. And one of the biggest hassles, ok HUGE hassles, is my son’s foot odor (or should I say stinkified-shoe-nastiness).  That’s ok, though, because I’m Getting Rid of Boy Foot Odor in 4 {easy} Steps!

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How To Get Rid Of Foot Odor

  • Spraying his feet with vinegar. Yeah, so, vinegar is like this magical juice that does so many fantastic things. One of which is viciously and ravenously destroying any vestige of fungus that might be living on a boy’s foot. But, it’s gentle enough that it won’t take that attack to his skin. It might sting a little if he really does have a little infection (so this is a kind of a test for a fungal infection), but even if he has a huge infection, just a couple squirts of vinegar from a spray bottle a day (like after a shower before bedtime) should eradicate any nasties growing between his toes!
  • Having him change his shoes after school. This is a trick that I learned in high school (gasp! Yes, I admit it–I had stinky feet, too!). If there’s something funky going on in those shoes, change ’em! Literally, the less time I spent in a pair of shoes, the less stinky foot I had. So, as soon as the boy gets home from school, he changes his shoes!
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  • Washing his socks in bleach. This is something my mom did that I never understood until recently. Apparently, when you separate clothes for washing, if you’ll put all the socks and whitey-tighties (or white towels or white whatever) into the wash together, then add a 1/2 cup of bleach, it’ll kill any icky that might be rolling around in the cloth. If you’re scared of using bleach, then Oxiclean works just as well!
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  • Dropping tiny cotton balls doused in a couple of essential oils in his shoes. This is a new trick I am totally jazzed about. If you use essential oils (which you totally should, because they’re AMAZING and you can get the best deal here), you can drop a couple of little drops of sage and tea tree essential oils to a cotton ball, then toss them into the toe of his shoes. Then, overnight, the oil seeps into the leather and plastic of his favorite sneaks and in the morning, any hint of ick is dead and the stink is gone!

That’s 4 Super-Easy Steps to get rid of foot odor even I can do! He’ll have sweet-smelling (well, ok, maybe not sweet) feet in no time at all!

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