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Keeping the Kid’s Phone Costs Low {with TracFone™}

Every time I got the cell phone bill, I was cringing–or those stupid texts saying “such-and-such number has gone over the data limit”. I mean, really, how many times did I yell at my kid for going over her limit?! No more, I say! No more! Now, I’m Keeping the Kid’s Phone Costs Low with TracFone™.

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I was really frustrated with this monthly dance…my kid was constantly going over and it was costing closer to a $100 a month more EVERY MONTH over what we were paying for the basic plan…it was ridiculous. I had gotten to the point where I was taking the phone away for two or more weeks per month–which totally defeats the purpose of having given her the phone so she could call me anytime she needed me. Gah! I’m getting frustrated just writing about it!

The thing is, kids don’t understand how phone contracts and “minutes” work. Heck, unless they’re geniuses, kids aren’t really capable of understanding how they might be costing their parent an arm and a leg, so I feel really, really, super bad yelling and griping and taking away a toy. She just doesn’t understand that she’s breaking our budget every month…

That’s where TracFone™’s new LG Optimus Fuel SpongeBob Squarepants Bundle with the fancy Family Guardian app comes-in. It’s a smartphone, yes, so I don’t get those puppy-dog eyes and snippy remarks (“well, -insert kid’s name down the street- has a smartphone…he can get -insert newest app name here-“) AND, I get a reliable way to track and monitor her phone usage. It’s a total win-win.

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We’ve been trying it out for over a week now and because I can check what she’s using everyday (or anytime I want to), I can keep her from using too much data, too many texts, or from spending too much time on the phone talking to…some boy who shall remain nameless (I just hope his mom and dad have discovered this Tracfone™ deal, too). Now, instead of yelling at her after it’s become a HUGE-O big deal, I can just say “times-up for the day” or “no more texts for the afternoon”–then explain why…its so much simpler and is actually teaching her about using the phone in a more responsible manner.

I like that, now. Because it’s not like she’ll turn 18 and suddenly be able to understand minutes, data, costs and all that–she’ll learn the hard way and be without a phone…or have to pay outrageous bills until she does figure it out. So, having the ability to actually teach her, and not just a reason to yell, really is a big deal to me. She’s even asked a couple of times, on the way home from school, “mom, how much data can I use today?” or “how many minutes can I talk to…my friends?” (notice the pause in her voice, the quiet side-step of the boy’s name–I will find out who he is! I will!). It’s become a great teaching tool I wish I’d had all along.

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So, the new TracFone™ LG Optimus Fuel Android smartphone, with the special SpongeBob SquarePants apps, headphones and other stuff that makes it kid-cool, as well as the NQ Family Guardian app, is available for only $29.99 (normally $79.99) for a limited time at Target, Walmart and Kroger.

If you’re curious, Tracfone™ has a custom “parent’s” website you can check out at for more information. Or, you can visit them at:,,  @TracFoneCalls on Twitter, or

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Legal disclaimers: Plans and Phones sold separately. Average cost of $7/month* (*A month equals 30 days). Check coverage availability and Terms and Conditions of Service at Other limitations apply.

Disclosure: This post was sponsored by TracFone™. The opinions are all 100% my own.

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