Trader Joe’s Is Selling $2 Hot Cocoa Snowman Bombs That Melt in Your Milk

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We are just days away from the winter season, but most of the nation can already feel the effects of the c-o-l-d!

A festive Christmas snowman

Trader Joe’s knows the way to our frozen hearts by bringing us just what we need — $1.99 Hot Cocoa Snowman Bombs!

These little Snowmen are made of white chocolate, but have milk chocolate and mini marshmallows hidden inside.

Trander Joe's hot chocolate snowman bombs are melt-in-your-drink good
Via Trader Joe’s

All you have to do is stick one of these little guys in a mug, poor hot milk over his body, and watch as the magic happens!

trader joe's hot chocolate snowman bombs give your warm weather drink a chocolatey touch

The Snowman will bob around for awhile, and then his body will break apart to reveal the goodies waiting to flavor your hot cocoa.
Trader Joe's Hot Chocolate Snowman Bombs are a perfect Christmas stocking stuffer
Via Trader Joe’s

Although these Snowman Bombs have hella personality, they are much like the Target Hot Chocolate Bombs that melt away as milk is poured over them.

The Target Bombs come in a 3-pack with milk, dark and white chocolate bombs that have mini marshmallows inside. They are $3.99 for the 3-pack.

Target and Trader Joes made yummy hot chocolate bombs for the Christmas season

Either one of these super-cute bomb packages would be excellent editions to the Christmas stocking this year.

these little white chocolate snowmen bob around in your drink until they melt away

You could even leave some HOT milk for Santa, but instead of the cookies, have the little snowman waiting to plop down in the milk! I bet Santa will LOVE it!

Santa has a present for you this year: hot chocolate snowmen!

I’m not saying this Hot Cocoa Snowman will get you more gifts from the big guy — BUT it couldn’t hurt!

Trander Joes hot chocolate is a perfect drink to enjoy around the Chrismtas tree

Go to Trader Joe’s, and get yourself some Hot Cocoa Snowman Bombs before they are gone!

You've got to try Trader Joe's hot chocolate snowman bombs this year!

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