Target is Selling Hot Chocolate Bombs That Melt In Your Milk and Have Mini Marshmallows Inside

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It is no surprise that it is freezing cold outside for most of the nation right now and that is where drinks that warm our heart and soul come into play.

Get ready to head to your local Target because they are selling Hot Chocolate Bombs That Melt In Your Milk and Have Mini Marshmallows Inside!

Basically, you just add the chocolate ball into a cup, pour hot milk over it and in seconds you have your own homemade hot chocolate.

Add an extra dash of flavor to your holiday with Hot Cocoa Bombs from Wondershop™.  These delicious hot cocoa bombs are a tasty treat to share with family and friends, or simply enjoy on your own. Whether you’re looking for a festive snack to enjoy at a holiday gathering or fun treat to share as a gift, these Holiday Hot Cocoa Bombs are sure to be a wonderful addition to your holiday season.

Target’s pack comes in a 3-pack with milk, dark and white chocolate bombs that have mini marshmallows inside. They are $3.99 for the 3-pack.

These will make such fun gifts and even awesome stocking stuffers. Check out them in full action in the video below.

You can get your Target Hot Chocolate Bombs Here.

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