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Here Are The Best Bernie Sanders Memes So Far

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Have y’all seen cute little bundled up Bernie Sanders from the inauguration?

Courtesy of @dixnarrated4u on twitter

At face value, it’s pretty funny as is, but someone turned it into a meme, and it is taking the internet by storm!!

I have to admit, it’s pretty hilarious. There is no stopping these Bernie Sanders memes, and I’m totally loving it!!!

It has simply been the (second) best thing to happen this whole week!

I honestly haven’t seen one that doesn’t make me laugh out loud. You have to just take a look at all of these for a little bit. Ha!

Cold little #BernieSanders is the most beautiful thread I have seen in awhile. Hahaha!!


Have you seen one that is your favorite?


I think I have found my absolute favorite! Where’s Bernie? Ha!!

If you have made your own Bernie meme, you HAVE to share it with us. We could all use a little laughter!

Thank you for being so dang awesome, Bernie!


The picture that started it all!!


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