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Starbucks Is Giving You and A Friend a Free Drink. Here’s How To Get It.

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Did you know that it is totally possible to get a FREE drink at Starbucks?

Not just a coffee for you, but you can take your bestie for a girls’ day coffee date — my FAVORITE — and the whole thing could be FREE!

What wizardry and spells does one have to cast to get this free Starbucks?

NONE!! That’s the magical part. It’s all legit. There are no secret menus. You don’t have to bring a coupon. No tricking your barista into making you a grande drink in a venti cup.

How To Get Your Free Drink At Starbucks

I tend to go by Starbucks just about everyday. It is my guilty pleasure gift to myself for a LONG day’s work. I’m not even going to apologize for it.

So, when I heard about the opportunity to get a drink for free, I jumped on it!

Check it out.

First, you have to have the Starbucks mobile app — which, if you go to Starbucks often, you should DEFINITELY be already using.

Depending on how often you go, you could be getting like 1 or 2 free drinks a month by just using the app!

Then, you send a text to — write this down — 78887. It’s the Starbucks Good Vibe Messenger.

Yes, I am aware that, by doing this, you are signing up to receive texts from Starbucks — possibly more texts than you’d ever want. In this case, it’s a good thing. (Besides, you can always text “STOP” to make them cease.)

I just texted “Hi” when I first sent over my text to 78887.

You will get a text back with the following:

We can’t wait to send you some good vibes. But we want to make sure we’re sending you the right ones. Which one of the following do you hope defines your 2022?


All you have to do is text back the corresponding number with how you are feeling about your 2022.

  • 1 = Peace
  • 2 = Growth
  • 3 = Relationships
  • 4 = Gratitude

There should be a number that relates to getting more sleep and winning the lottery, AMRITE?!?

When I signed up, I chose “2” for Growth — but you do you!

What Does Starbucks Send You?

Starbucks sent back a cute little .gif that said, “Take Things Day By Day.”


They also included a little motivational message:

Growth doesn’t happen overnight. Every day is a chance to make a little progress. Because even baby steps are a step in the right direction.

I love it!! It’s like a little piece of motivation for my day. Kind of sets things off on the right note, doesn’t it?

So, apparently Starbucks will send you one of these motivational quotes — 1 a day for 4 days.

On day 4, Starbucks will include 150 Bonus Stars — which, if you use the app on a regular basis, you know equals a free drink!

I’m not talking about a free drink with a purchase — there is NO purchase necessary.

It doesn’t even have to be a small drink!! It can be whatever drink you want, so get those add-ons ready!

Starbucks will also allow you to send 150 Stars to the person of your choice. Free drinks all around!!

There has to be a catch, right?

Just the standard small print stuff: By texting 78887, you are agreeing to receive recurring automated promotional text messages from Starbucks.

Also, standard messaging rates do apply — so if you don’t have unlimited messages, that might be a problem.

So, go ahead and sign up. You’ll be just a little bit closer to a FREE drink at Starbucks!

Need some ideas on what to order? Check out this list of 160 Starbucks Secret Menu Drinks. You are sure to find 1, or 2, or 50 that you like. LOL!

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