Grab A Spoon Because Funfetti Cereal Is Here and It’s Basically A Party For Breakfast

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At this point in life, I am assuming that pretty much every human is obsessed with Funfetti!

I know that my own kids are absolutely nuts about it. Anything Funfetti is an instant hit with them.

If Funfetti cake mix isn’t enough, you can also get Funfetti in many other forms, even coffee creamer!

Today I found out you can get Funfetti that is breakfast friendly! And now I have to hunt some down for my kids, well…for me too!

Walmart is selling Funfetti Cereal and I think my kids may just lose their minds over this! Have you spotted it in stores yet?

It looks like little cereal puffs that are loaded with sprinkles! How fun is that? I think you could take this so much farther than just a bowl of milk and cereal!

I’m thinking no-bake desserts with the Funfetti cereal and marshmallows, like Rice Krispie treats! Ice cream topping? Puppy chow recipes? Or if you’re me, you’ll just eat it dry as a snack.

Sadly, they are sold out online at this moment. But, you can try your local Walmart. It sells for around $3.64 a box. Wish me luck as I try to hunt this down!

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