You Can Get Hoodies For Your Bearded Dragon And They Are Simply Adorable

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You guys!! Look what I just found! It is about to make your whole day a little brighter.

Courtesy of The Mind Circle on Facebook

You can get hoodies that exist for bearded dragons, and OMG, you better get ready for some cuteness overload! You have to check these out!


Now, I don’t like reptiles — I’m rather phobic, actually — but I could totally look at pictures of these all day! As long as I don’t have to touch them, I’m good. Ha!

Courtesy of The Mind Circle on Facebook

I DO, however, have a lot of friends who raise bearded dragons, and they are obsessed. It’s a whole lifestyle for them, and that’s GREAT! As long as they don’t bring them out when I’m around. Ha!


If you DO own a bearded dragon, you totally have to go get a cute hoodie for your terrifying sweet baby! Aren’t they just the most adorable little things?!?

Courtesy of The Mind Circle on Facebook

Now, you may be wondering just where someone goes to find hoodies for bearded dragons. I mean, they don’t just have them on the rack at Pet Smart.

Ebay is a good place to go to find Bearded Dragon Clothes. Just LOOK at this Bearded Dragon Hoodie that features “The Child” (Come on, it’s Baby Yoda!).

Courtesy of Ebay

This hoodie runs $27, and wouldn’t it make just the PERFECT gift for your friend (or YOU) who is OBSESSED with bearded dragons and The Mandalorian?

Courtesy of Ebay

Etsy also has this cute Minion Hoodie for your bearded dragon. It runs $27, and wouldn’t it just make someone smile this Holiday Season?

Courtesy of Ebay

Sometimes I just LOVE this job, because I get to spend all day looking at pictures like this Ebay Bearded Dragon Hoodie that has a dinosaur drinking coffee on it. Gah!

Courtesy of Ebay

I’m not saying you need this, but it ALMOST makes me want to go get my OWN bearded dragon, just so they can wear this hoodie!! I mean, the hoodie’s only $25. You can’t beat that!

Aren’t these just the cutest pictures ever! I am loving the bearded dragons in their hoodies. If you have one, you better send a picture!!


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  1. hi
    this is so cute but you know what would be cuter
    our pussies touching for a video

  2. i dont have a hoodie yet I REALLY WANT THEM so cute

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