Timothy Olyphant’s Beard In ‘The Mandalorian’ Is Giving Me Life Right Now

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Happy Baby Yoda Day aka Happy Mandalorian Day!


Yes, the day has FINALLY come – The Mandalorian Season 2 first episode is here and if you haven’t watched it, let me give you one more reason to: Timothy Olyphant’s Beard.


Yes, Timothy Olyphant aka Joel Hammond from The Santa Clarita Diet on Netflix is in the first episode of The Mandalorian and OMG he is dreamy!


Okay, here’s the thing – I love beards (one reason I make my husband keep his) and I love humor, wittiness and personality. Timothy Olyphant now has both.


If you saw The Santa Clarita Diet, you’d know that Timothy typically rocked a scruffy beard (or is it the 5 o’clock shadow?) but oh my, he has got that full man beard and it is glorious!

He’s got that mix of grey hair, big beard and some tight


Seriously, it is giving me life!

I won’t give you any spoilers but I kept waiting for him to just not be attractive. Or maybe not be a good guy and it didn’t happen.

Timothy looks good with a beard and I am not afraid to admit that.

In fact, I went to check Twitter to see if anyone else felt the same, and apparently they do…


And don’t worry, the dudes are feeling it too. He is just great in this first episode. It’s a whole vibe.

So, have you see The Mandalorian Season 2 yet? OMG it’s so good! Go watch it now so we can talk about it, okay?!

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