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Amazon Has A Super Secret Coupon Page With Deals In Almost Every Category. Here’s How To Access It.

I can do some pretty hefty damage to my bank account on Amazon. I buy just about everything on that site!

Did you know that there is a secret coupon page for Amazon, and it has deals in just about every category?

Sometimes you can find super deals that get randomly attached to certain products before you check out, and that is like the BEST surprise ever!

But the Amazon coupon site allows you to search for the products that you want, and get coupons before you ever get to the checkout process.

Y’all, this is a game changer!! Coupons make me giddy — but a site dedicated solely to AMAZON coupons is just about the best thing to happen to me this week!

Not many people know about this magical section of Amazon, but you guys, it is available to ANYONE with an Amazon account, and that makes me super happy!

Now, if you are an Amazon Prime Member, some of the coupons are just for you. Not EVERYONE can access every single one of the coupons, but Prime Members are special like that!

Also, the coupons do expire, but the site doesn’t make you privy to the expiration date.

So, the moral of the story here is, if you see a coupon you think you might want to take advantage of — USE IT IMMEDIATELY!! Don’t miss out on the opportunity, because you had to think over your decision.

Now, you don’t have to physically cut these coupons out, but you do have to “clip” them — which just means you click on the little icon that says “clip coupon.”

Once you clip the coupon, it stays connected to your account until it expires. If you place the item in your basket and purchase it at anytime between when you clip the coupon, and before it expires, you will get the deal price!

Luckily you don’t have to really keep up with a physical coupon, because let me tell you, I would lose it for sure!

Visit the Amazon coupon page for all your amazing Amazon deals. Remember — the Holidays are coming!! Get your presents with a coupon if you can.