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Toys R Us is Coming Back And I Am So Happy!

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I don’t wanna grow up… I’m a Toys R Us kid… They’ve got a million toys at Toys R Us that I can play with…

When I was a kid, Toys R Us was one of my favorite places to go!

Then, they filed for bankruptcy in 2018 and I was so sad for my future grandchildren, I mean Toys R Us is part of childhood and to have it gone was just so sad.

Just a few months after the announcement, the stores were closed and Geoffrey the Giraffe was out of a job.

In 2019 the store tried to make a comeback and opened two pop-up locations in malls, but those stores failed and they were closed as well.

Well, looks like we’re getting another run with Toys R Us though, all thanks to Macy’s!

As a Toys ‘R’ Us kid, I could not be more excited to bring this beloved brand that so many of our customers know and love into Macy’s online and to our stores across America. Our toy business grew exponentially in the past year, with many families looking to inspire their children’s imagination and create meaningful moments together.

Nata Dvir, Macy’s chief merchandising officer, said in a statement
Toys R Us

The new Toys R Us stores will be much smaller than the ones of the past, but they’re coming back and that is so exciting!

Macy’s and Toys R Us have teamed up to open small toy shops in over 400 Macy’s department stores starting in 2022!

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