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You Can Get A Giant Ramen Noodles Pool Float and I Need It

You can get a giant pool float, that looks just like a giant brick of Ramen Noodles floating in a pot of water!

Gah! Not only do I need this in my life, the high school senior I adopted is totally getting this as a gift! It is so fantastically perfect.

JUST ADD WATER: The Giant Ramen pool float, just like the instant food favorite that inspired it, is literally made to just add water!


It is a HUGE float that you can use in the pool, at the lake, or even at the beach. OMG — I can totally see myself floating in the clear waters of the Caribbean, using this GIANT Ramen Noodle Float!

Too bad I live NOWHERE near the Caribbean. I’ll just have to settle for the clear waters of my pool in the backyard. Ha!

This GINORMOUS float is a whopping 64 inches by 64 inches, and then 8 inches tall.

Y’all! This Ramen Noodle float is only $30, and is available right on the Amazon website.

You also need to check out this pool float for your furry best friend! Y’all can totally spend the day floating in style!

Courtesy of SwimWays