You Can “Adopt” A High School Senior And It’s The Best Feeling In The World

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This is SUCH a great idea!! Adopt a high school senior!!

Have y’all seen the posts on Facebook, where people are coming together to “adopt” high school seniors that have missed out on the last bit of their senior year — including graduation?

They are becoming known as the Quarantined Class of 2020, and it’s about time we pay it forward to give these seniors a smile!

This is something that is so easy to do, and something that will have such a happy outcome on another human being!

The premise is simple. Somebody “nominates” a senior, and then one person from the community is allowed to “adopt” each kid.

The “adoptive family” does something special each week for the senior, through, like, the first week in June.

You could send them encouraging notes, snack packs, goodie boxes, flowers, a balloon bouquet, yard signs, restaurant gift cards, or even some fun pajamas, colored pens with a journal, or get them a cool subscription box.

Pretty much, just make it fun!

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It doesn’t have to be expensive, it just has to come from your heart.

Search Facebook for schools in your area that are adopting seniors. If there are none, it is SO easy to start a Facebook group for your local school!

Courtesy of Facebook

Just “+Create” the group, invite everyone in the area that you know, and the group pretty much sells itself.

I started a group for my local high school seniors, and it had over 100 members overnight, with 6 seniors already “adopted!”

Let us know if you start a group! It’s so rewarding, not only for the Senior, but for the person “adopting” them.

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