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Everyone Loves ‘Mama Kelce’s’ Super Bowl Outfit Supporting Sons on Opposing Teams

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Donna Kelce had the coolest Super Bowl Sunday of us all.

She had, not one, but TWO sons playing in the Big Game!

Jason Kelce, son number 1, plays for the Eagles, and Travis Kelce, son number 2, plays for the Chiefs.

Of course, she was there to cheer them BOTH on, and she had the ultimate outfit to do just that.

Donna wore a split jacket — one side was cheering on the Eagles, and the other side was cheering on the Chiefs.

The back of the jacket, of course, in NFL jersey style, read “Kelce.”

She also sported the most awesome shoes at the game!

The left one, a tribute to Jason, in Eagles green and white, with her his number painted on the toe. The right, a tribute to Travis, in Chiefs red and gold, with his number emblazoned on the toe.

Donna didn’t stop there.

She also carried a clear bag with her proud “Mama Kelce” name front and center, both her sons’ numbers decorating the bag for all to see.

When asked who she was rooting for, she had the best comment of the whole game.

The offense.

Donna Kelce

See, both sons play offense for their respective teams. LOL!!

Of course, there was a Kelce victory in the house, and Mama Kelce was there to celebrate either way.

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