Some People On TikTok Are Eating Packing Peanuts And I’m Genuinely Concerned

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So, it seems people on TikTok are eating Styrofoam Packing Peanuts, and I’m wondering why.

Oh Lawdy, it’s the Tide Pod Challenge all over again!

Or is it?

While you CERTAINLY don’t want to go around just ingesting any ol’ Packing Peanut, there are certain brands that make their peanuts from biodegradable, non-toxic materials, like the starch peanut.


this is me eating packing peanuts

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There is a brand called Puffy Stuff that makes ingestible Packing Peanuts. They say they taste a bit like a cheese puff without the seasoning. Yum.

Courtesy of Puffy Stuff

Lush — you know, those bath products we all LOVE — also uses sustainable Packing Peanuts to ship their products.

That still doesn’t mean you should go around just eating these packing peanuts for fun. I would think this was a “DUH” moment.

While it is a fun gag to pull on someone, you never really know what you’re eating, and it can block up your insides something fierce.

Some packing peanuts are made from expanded Polaystyrene foam. Not good to ingest. While they aren’t particularly toxic to swallow, you may get a blockage — how severe depends on how much you ingest.

Just use your freaking head. If it isn’t meant to be swallowed, don’t swallow it. You may THINK it’s safe, but you NEVER know!


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