This Playground Built a Swing Specifically Designed for Kids in Wheel Chairs and It’s a Beautiful Thing

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As a kid, a core memory of my childhood was at the park with ice cream dripping my fingers and seeing who could “fly” the highest on the swing set amongst friends.

And what’s better than swinging on a swing with friends, is for every kid to be able to swing while trying to reach for the sky because inclusivity, matters.

A recent video on TikTok has gone viral because of this playground’s newly designed swing set that’s specifically made for kids who are in wheel chairs.

TikToker @discoverwithdallas caught the beautiful moment on camera where a blue bow was cut to symbolize that the new swing set was officially ready to use where a little girl was able to try it out!

The swing itself was designed to have enough space for the wheel chair to sit with a barrier in the back and in the front so the wheel chair doesn’t move for a safe swing!

And apparently this park wasn’t the only one with the genius idea!

Courtesy of @cdsmetalwork

While other parks have built swing sets made for wheel chairs, other individuals have done constructed the same but for their own personal reasons for friends and family!

Not to mention all parks should follow in the same footsteps!

Courtesy of @mightyonewelding

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