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Movie Theaters Are Now Selling Ghostface Popcorn Buckets and Soft Drinks for The New Scream Movie

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As we all know, Ghostface is officially back and he’s seeking revenge.

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And if you like ordering popcorn and a coke on the side while you watch the big screen, Cinemark theaters are promoting something special every time you order a drink and snacks before the movie.

To celebrate the Scream VI film, Cinemark theaters (at select locations) have decorated their popcorn buckets and beverage cups in the spirit of Ghostface that look wicked cool!

Courtesy of @thelockelife

So rather than the boring popcorn bucket you’re used too getting and the insanely large drink cup that comes with it, Cinemark has turned the Ghostface mask into a refillable popcorn bucket!

Courtesy of @bstarrcinema

And not to mention their drinks, are mini-sized Ghostface characters that you can sip out of!

Courtesy of @eveshorrorshow

Just don’t forget to order the popcorn and soda to snag your Ghostface essentials!

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But before you buy your tickets, let’s just the address the elephant in the room first… do you like scary movies?

Courtesy of @bstarrcinema

Scream VI releases next month, on March 10 in theatres!

Courtesy of @fallxchildren

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