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Why People Who Horde Bath & Body Works Products Are The Smartest People On The Planet Right Now

Ha! People have been making fun of me for YEARS for my Bath & Body Works hoarding tendencies, but turns out, I just may be one of the smartest people on earth right now!

Courtesy of wintercandyapplebitch on Instagram

Can I get an, AMEN, from anyone out there?!?

Stores like Walmart and Target are selling out of hand sanitizer and hand soaps amid this coronavirus scare. People are having to buy alternative sanitizers and cleansers.

Courtesy of Walmart

I’m talking, there are BARE SHELVES at the stores where hand soap and hand sanitizer used to reside in multitudes.

Even websites have sold out of the sanitizers, which used to be stocked in abundance, but are suddenly as rare as liquid gold.

Well, guess what people! Not at MY house! I have a stockpile of Bath & Body Works hand soaps and purse-sized Pocketbac sanitizers.

I simply can’t resist the Bath & Body Works sales on soaps! They are ALWAYS on some sort of sale, and I can’t say “No” to that 6 for $26 deal.

Turns out, my obsessive tendencies to buy ALL the Bath & Body Works things may be just about the best thing possible!

I won’t have to make my own hand sanitizer! I’m set for life!

People are all up in arms, because they can’t get their hands on hand sanitizers and soaps. But, I’m sitting pretty on my stockpile!

I know I’m not alone, here! There are PLENTY of people that tend to buy ALL the Bath & Body Works things.

Looks like it might be time to hit up that person you have lovingly relentlessly teased for years about their Bath & Body Works obsession.

Who’s laughing NOW. Ha!


Monday 16th of March 2020

My husband and my kids laugh at me all the time because of my BBW obsession and closet stocked with supplies, but now I have the last


Sunday 15th of March 2020

Covid-19 is A VIRUS. Hand sanitizer is Anti-Bacterial and does not protect against virus’s only bacteria. You should do you research before posting uneducated BS online. Only washing your hands with Soap is effective to stop the spread.


Sunday 15th of March 2020

Hand sanitizers actually protect from infections, which can be viral (virus) or bacterial (bacteria). Hand sanitizer works best when hands are already clean and are a good way to kill germs after touching something or someone; that is why hand sanitizer is such a great thing for hospitals and clinic settings. So don't knock hand sanitizer until you have actually done some research.


Saturday 14th of March 2020

So many chemicals in those! You might be saving yourself from corona but your increasing your risk of cancer and so much else using those. If you want to hoard hoard clean safe products without toxins and chemicals. Bath and Body is cheap for a reason.


Monday 16th of March 2020

God Liza, you must be a real hit at parties. Did you forget to start your cunty post with "Umm..acutally..."


Friday 13th of March 2020

Those pocket backs aren’t effective. It’s 62% alcohol and it needs to be at least 70% alcohol...


Sunday 15th of March 2020

Actually the CDC says anything 60% and more is effective.


Friday 13th of March 2020

Ooppsss meant to say anything that makes me or my house smell amazing. Haha Carry on