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Two Things You Love Are Having A Baby: Disney + LuLaRoe…Can We Say UNICORN LOVE?

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Yesterday LuLaRoe put out this super short video on Instagram. I was trucking through the airport in Montego Bay when I saw it come across my feed. Disney fans, go couch hunting for coins, because LuLaRoe is going Disney! I remember how bummed I was that I didn’t score any of the princess palace or Beauty and the Beast themed rose leggings, but these? The ones that are coming? Oh dear lord…I repeat: two things you love are having a baby: Disney + LuLaRoe…can we say UNICORN LOVE!?!?!

Two Things You Love Are Having A Baby: Disney + LuLaRoe…Can We Say UNICORN LOVE?

Now, how could you not love this? Every time I’ve seen a “what pattern would you like to see LLR make?” Disney has always been at the very top of the list. Like, tippy-top! Let’s face it, Disney people and LuLaRoe are a match made in heaven. Who doesn’t want to rock their favorite Disney homage, look cute and be freakishly comfortable doing it?

There hasn’t been any official word about which lines will be getting a Disney look or pattern, but examining some of the images in announcement pictures has led to some parsing out of what to look forward to.



The iconic mouse ears seem to be prominent among the images. Lots of Micky and Minnie ears, bows, and those wonderfully classic red, white and black looks. But, dear god, what’s that I see? Is it a silhouette of Aurora? One of the Princesses? If you ask me, and no one really did but whatever, this is the biggie. While you can find Micky and Minnie stuff on a lot of items, the princesses don’t make it onto much stuff outside the official Disney store.

I’ll admit, I squealed when I found the princess print for totally personal reasons. ((I’m writing fairy tale themed romance books, but that’s not the topic at hand.))


Now, the question on a lot of people’s minds after the big reveal video? What items are going to get a Disney-over?

Looking at some of the images LuLaRoe has released it’s safe to say there will be a variety of stuff hitting the web very soon. Adult and kids! I didn’t think they’d leave the littles out, but I had one heart stopping moment of fear. Don’t sweat it though! The real question is, will you be able to score the coveted Mommy and Me Disney sets? Huh?

Leggings were one of the first images I hit on, and they seem to be a variety of wonderfully zanney to subtle with class. I can see a lot of people rocking their leggings and Disney love for business or casual.

Tops were prominent in the images, from what appears to be Randy to a Classic or Perfect looking top. I wouldn’t be shocked if an Irma showed up with those wonderful ears on them, too.

Skirts were also heavily featured in the Cassie and a few loser options that make me wonder if I’m seeing hints of a Madison or maybe a Nicole.

Some of the pieces glimpsed in the initial promo images are hard to pin down, but I think it’s safe to say that LuLaRoe and Disney are prepared to offer us a large collection of prints, colors and styles.

Here’s the official statement from the LuLaRoe Instagram:

We are SO excited to finally announce the LuLaRoe Collection for Disney. This collection will see a steady rollout of specially-designed clothing available through the Independent Fashion Retailers. This enchanting collection embodies the essence of Disney through apparel. Enjoy prints that inspire imagination, possibilities, and the Disney fantasy we all love. #LULAROE

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