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You Can Get An Inflatable Rainbow Wheel For Hours Of Kid-Sized Fun

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This is literally the thing my childhood dreams were made of!

You can get a giant Roll With It Inflatable Rainbow Wheel that kids can get inside and roll across the ground by walking — kinda like a big ol’ hamster wheel.


Isn’t this just perfect as we head into summer? Tons of outdoor fun for kids!

Inflatable Rolling Wheel offers endless play possibilities: run and roll inside, or push from the outside! Kids can play independently, or work together as partners (up to 2 kids).


Not only is this one of the coolest ways for kids to have fun, it can actually help with core strength and coordination. Bonus!

This Roll With It Inflatable Rainbow Wheel is constructed of non-toxic PVC vinyl, and it has strong, reinforced seams to avoid leaking.


Our large inflatable ride-inside wheel is a great way to engage children in whole-body, active play. While they’re riding inside or pushing it along, they’re moving those arms and legs, developing balance, and burning up kid calories.


This Roll With It Inflatable Rainbow Wheel is totally easy to inflate. You just use an electric pump — which you can find HERE — and it will blow up in no time. Easy Peasy.


I love that this Inflatable Wheel is made with rainbow colors that move with the wheel. It’s like being inside a giant rainbow!

A five and three year old boy playing in this and LOVING EVERY MINUTE. This has become one of the favorite toys !

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This fun kids’ Inflatable Wheel is only going to set you back $139, and it will provide hours — nay, DAYS — of outdoor fun.

You can get your owl Roll With It Inflatable Rainbow Wheel from the Amazon website.


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