Super Mario World Is Coming To Universal Studios And I’m Packing My Bags

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I can’t even right now! Super Mario World is coming to Universal Studios, and it looks hella cool.

Courtesy of Universal Studios on YouTube

Y’all. They are going to have a Mario Kart experience. Like, for real.

Now, I am a Disney Loyalist ALL THE WAY, but a Mario Kart ride is enough for me to get on a plane, and head to Universal!

They are also planning a Yoshi’s Adventure ride of some sort, and I CAN’T WAIT to see how amazing the final ride is going to be!

There are going to be games, rides, restaurants, and shops dedicated to Super Mario Brothers.

They say you can interact in this gaming world, no matter your age or skill level. That’s a good thing, because my level is not good. Ha!

They have these Super Mario Brothers bands — known as the Power Up Bands — that you will be able to wear around your wrist. The bands help you more fully immerse yourself into the interactive experience in each Super Mario World part of Universal.

Courtesy of Universal Studios on YouTube

Like, they plan to have “floating” question mark boxes around Super Mario World, and if you are wearing a band, and jump to touch the box, it will give you that video game ping sound. How clever is that?!?

There will be a Super Mario World at both the Universal Orlando park, and also the California Universal Studios park.

Universal is planning to open the Super Mario World at the California park in 2021 or 2022. The Orlando park is going to take just a bit longer, and it is scheduled to open sometime in 2023.

If you live in Japan, you are totally lucky! Japan is getting Super Mario World at THEIR Universal Park just in time for the Tokyo Olympics, this summer. I’m jealous. Y’all better post pictures!

Check out the video below, that explains more about the Super Mario World section of the Universal parks.

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  1. I would like to get notified when I can participate I’m willing to travel anywhere in the world for this amazing adventure along with my future husband to be.

    Please keep me posted when I can purchase tickets and what place it will be to rent or buy a house near it.

    Thank you.

  2. The Olympics were cancelled until 2021. I wish this article was more informative and lessclick baity.

  3. Will they be real rides or just more simulated stuff like they have now?

  4. How do we get more information when the park is going to be open,?