Can You Solve This Tricky Riddle Without Looking At The Answer?

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When I was a little girl, I loved riddles. I had books full of them and would spend hours telling them to my mom. I thought I was the smartest thing in the world until my dad came to me one day with a riddle of his own. It was this one. As a little girl there was no way I could come up with the answer, but when my dad reminded me of this riddle the other day, I wondered how adults would do. So I asked some of my friends. Know what? It boggled them as much as it used to boggle me! So here it is…can you solve this tricky riddle without looking at the answer?

Can You Solve This Tricky Riddle Without Looking At The Answer?

I think more than anything, what I loved about those riddles is they stretched my thinking. I loved knowing the answers, but I also loved trying to think outside of the box until I came up with an answer…usually the wrong one. One of my favorite ones I got wrong the first time was this:

Mary’s mom had four daughters. The first three were: April, May, and June. What was the fourth daughter’s name?

Mary, of course! But again, as a kid I never would have guessed it. Try it on your own kids, will they get it right?

Here are five more fun riddles to try with your kids!

1. If a plane crashes on the border of Canada and America, where do you bury the survivors?

You don’t.

2. How many lions did Moses bring with him on the ark before the flood hit?

None. Noah was on the ark.

3. After a horrible car crash, a father and son were rushed to two separate hospitals for treatment. At the boy’s hospital, the doctor proclaimed, “I can’t operate on him! He’s my son!” How is that possible?

The doctor was the boy’s mom.

4. There is a room that has no walls, no floors to sit, no windows at all. What is it?

A mushroom!

5. Take away my first letter, and I still sound the same. Take away my last letter, I still sound the same. Even take away my letter in the middle, I will still sound the same. I am a five letter word. What am I?


Did these make you laugh? Remind you of your own childhood? Remember to try them on your kids and see how they do! Don’t forget to share with your friends, too…I bet they’ll miss a few!

And have you figured out the first one yet?


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