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Applebee’s Has An Exclusive Mountain Dew Flavor That Is Filled With Blue Raspberry and Blackberry Flavors

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Keeping up with their odd tradition, some of Mountain Dew’s flavors never make it to a can or bottle. Some can only be found in the form of a fountain drink.


The newest exclusive flavor being released is called Dark Berry Bash. And it is only going to be available at Applebee’s!


Leave it to Reddit to spill the beans first about this drink! The only info we have from Pepsico itself is the nutrition facts. But Reddit gave us the rest.

I LOVE the color of this! It also sounds amazing. I don’t have an Applebee’s in my town, but I’m going to have to start keeping an eye out!

Employees are also now verifying on Reddit that this is for sure happening! The only thing we don’t know yet is the date of the release. But since employees are being informed and showing us pictures of it, it’s sure to be soon!

Are you going to seek out an Applebee’s to try this flavor too? Which has been your favorite of the limited edition flavors so far?

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