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Here’s How to Make Your Own Spooky Trees This Halloween

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When it comes to Halloween decor, anything goes.

So whether you prefer to dress your home like a true haunted house or rather a wizard’s layer, there’s truly no right or wrong answer.

Thanks to TikToker @alwaysspookyseason, you can now make your own bare branch tree for Halloween that looks similar to the leafless trees you may have spotted at The Home Depot or Hobby Lobby to decorate your home with!

Courtesy of @alwaysspookyseason

Starting with a few bare branches you can pick up in your backyard, you’ll want to grab two sturdy pairs to start of this spooky project like the ones you see below.

Next, you’ll want to grab a few pieces of styrofoam and if you don’t have any in the house, you can snag a pack on Amazon!

Courtesy of @alwaysspookyseason

Make sure to place each branch in the center of each block of styrofoam which will in return, make your branches more sturdy.

After carefully placing each branch in the center of your foam blocks, you’ll then want to spray paint each bare branch black, but who says you can’t opt for orange too?

Courtesy of @alwaysspookyseason

Grab a few small pots that you have lying around the house and stuff the styrofoam with the bare branches into your pot.

Afterwards, you’ll want to make sure to cover the styrofoam with fake moss or small rocks that you can grab at any craft store or even Walmart.

Courtesy of @alwaysspookyseason

Once you’re completely covered the foam squares the project is finished!

Now all you have to do is find a spot in the house to show off your Halloween masterpiece(s)!

Courtesy of @alwaysspookyseason

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