You Can Get A 26 Foot Inflatable Pumpkin to Put in Your Front Yard for Spooky Season

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Setting up for spooky season includes a batch of witch’s brew, broomstick parking, straw bale piling, and pumpkin inflating.

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Thanks to a viral video of a father who couldn’t tell his son that the big pumpkin wasn’t a reality, you can currently find a very large pumpkin that resembles the big pumpkin from Charlie Brown, if you will.

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Courtesy of Amazon, you can find Charlie Brown’s the big pumpkin inflatable that is 26 feet high and nearly 22 feet long!

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Bigger than the usual pumpkin from the pumpkin patch and a giant decoration for the front yard, this inflatable comes with a blower to inflate the pumpkin in minutes.

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Setup is easy, plug in and watch Charlie Brown’s Halloween episode become real.

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Equipped with a green stem, a bright orange base, and an evil carved jack-o-lantern face, this inflatable pumpkin is all you need to decorate the front or back yard for the Halloween season!

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You can currently find the 26 foot inflatable pumpkin on Amazon.

Courtesy of Amazon

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