You Can Now Get Caramel Creams Made From Oreo Cookie Pieces And Stuffed With Oreo Cream

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Caramel Creams are a classic sweet treat that you can most likely find in any candy bowl at grandma’s house, your favorite restaurant or even the doctor’s office.

Caramel Creams has knocked it out of the park with their new candy release, certainly stepping out of their comfort zone by combining two sugary and beloved treats.


Introducing, Caramel Creams with Oreo that are taking social media by storm.


The best part about this sweet treat (and we haven’t even gotten into the drool worthy details yet), is the fact that you can snag this bag of candy for only a few bucks!


If you were hungry before reading this article, you’re going to be drooling by the end.


This new candy is made with caramel that’s also made with Oreo cookie pieces while being stuffed with white cream for a similar taste of the beloved Oreo cookie.

In other words, think of it like a caramel flavored Oreo with a soft outer shell and a smooth center.


You can get your hands on your own blue bag of Caramel Creams with Oreo at Dollar General.

My advice, would be to run and not walk to your nearest Dollar General.

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