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Move Over Cupid, Baskin-Robbins Has Sweet Treats That’ll Win Hearts This Valentine’s Day

You know what I love most about Valentine’s Day? The sweets!

I am all about those chocolates, cakes and of course, ice cream.

Because let’s be honest, you can’t have cake without ice cream!

Well guess what? Baskin Robbins has got it covered because they are offering some sweet treats for Valentine’s Day so it looks like we won’t be needing cupid this year.

For starters, Baskin-Robbins has an adorable new Box of Chocolates Cake.

It is designed to look just like a classic heart-shaped candy box – complete with real milk chocolate candies – this customizable cake can be easily mistaken for the real thing.

But don’t let the design fool you, it’s made-to-order with your favorite ice cream flavor, topped with a layer of rich fudge and adorned with an assortment of milk chocolate candies.

Then they have brought back their Love Potion #31® ice cream flavor!

It is a raspberry-filled chocolate-flavored hearts and chocolate-flavored chips, swirled with a raspberry ribbon in a white chocolate and raspberry ice cream, February’s Flavor of the Month is a Valentine’s Day classic.

Delicious in a scoop, cone or milkshake, this beloved flavor can be added to the new Box of Chocolates Cake or returning cake designs, like the Valentine’s Day Unicorn Cake or Valentine’s Day Heart Cone Cake.

My husband gave it a try the other night and he loved it!

The ice cream is available in-stores and the cake is available in two sizes and can be ordered online at or through their mobile app or by visiting your local shop.