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You Can Get A 12-Foot Inflatable Ghost For Your Yard Just In Time For Halloween

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Have we shown y’all a TON of Halloween inflatables lately? Yes. Am I tired of seeing Halloween inflatables? Most definitely NOT!! Bring on Halloween!!

Just wait. Are you ready for this? You can get a 12 FOOT TALL inflatable white spooky ghost for your front yard, and I say YES, PLEASE!!!

Courtesy of Amazon

This guy is just perfect enough to be spooky, but not flat out scary, and that’s my kind of Halloween. Haunted houses and evil clowns scare me to death, but I love the not-so-scary spooky decorations!!

Courtesy of Amazon

This Goosh Boo Ghost sets up in about a minute, and it has 2 different moving LED lights inside, so it almost looks like it waves and shimmers in the air.

Courtesy of Amazon

It comes complete with a 10ft extended cord, stakes to secure it to the ground, ropes to tether it, and sandbags that are built in to keep it steady.

Courtesy of Amazon

If you have vaulted ceilings, this would also make a PERFECT indoor decoration for any Halloween get together.

Courtesy of Amazon

Just plug this inflatable white ghost in, only a minute it will be standing up to its full height, ready to scare and delight all your neighbors and guests.

Courtesy of Amazon

You can get your own Goosh Boo Ghost on the Amazon website.

It will run you $45, and can be used year after year.

Courtesy of Amazon

Y’all have a safe and fun Halloween!

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