At-Home PE Activities To Keep Your Kids Moving During Remote Learning

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Remote learning can be tough, let’s just put it out there and many kids today are learning online rather than on school grounds this year.

With that being said, we all know (especially us adults) how difficult it can be to sit in a chair, at a desk all day without some type of movement.

A normal school day for elementary kids includes recess and for upperclassman such as middle schoolers and high school students, participate in gym class every week.

With remote learning, kids can become less active.

So if you notice your kid becoming antsy in their seat or starting to look unfocused, just like everyone else, they need a break too; some of the best advice from teachers is to make sure they are engaged with some type of movement throughout their days of learning.

You can get an app for anything nowadays and there are plenty of programs that can keep your kids moving for a certain period of time, including yoga apps, “Workout In A Bag – For Kids ” and “GoNoodle.”

If you have a backyard, let your kids play outside for the same amount of time recess would usually allow or go for a walk for quality bonding time during your lunch break.

Even going out for a lunch in the McDonalds drive-thru, is better than sitting at home all day.

Jump rope, throwing and catching a ball, hopscotch, four square, cup stacking and riding a bike or scooter work well too. 

If weather is bad, kids can practice throwing by using balled-up socks and trash cans or create a hopscotch game or obstacle course inside using towels or T-shirts along the floor.

Classic games like red light, green light; freeze dance and Simon says can also work both indoors and outdoors.

Utilize parks, walking trails, playgrounds, indoor activities such as dance or ballon volleyball, anything to keep those feet moving during the day!

What are your favorite ways to keep kiddos moving during the day?

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