You Can Now Get Matching BFF Necklaces For You and Your Dog

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I can’t believe these totally exist!

Photo Credit: SlashpileDesign

Best friend necklaces for you and your furry BFF. Because, let’s face it, they’re your REAL best friend anyway!

Photo Credit: SlashpileDesign

Oh my gosh, I can hardly take the awesomeness here. Somebody totally should have thought of this sooner!

They remind me of the best friend necklaces we all wore in Jr High … but better!

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Each necklace is made from sterling silver, and comes with one necklace for you and a collar tag for your fuzzy BFF. Dog-lover or cat-lover, they have you covered.

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If your best friend is a dog, they have this adorable bone-shaped necklace. You wear the bone, and your furry BFF wears the opposite. Your necklace completes their collar tag.

Photo Credit: SlashpileDesign

This is just about the sweetest gift ever.

They are handmade in Toronto, Canada by twins, Tara and Courtney Neray of SlashpileDesigns. These custom creations are made with love, and they hope each creation has a special significance to the wearer.

Photo Credit: SlashpileDesign

They have my favorite, the fun bone shape, but there is also a sweet heart shape design. Either one of these two designs will tug at any dog-lovers heartstrings.

Photo Credit: SlashpileDesign

They didn’t leave you out, cat-lovers. Look at this adorable feline-inspired design!

Photo Credit: SlashpileDesign

You and you’re kitty can sport matching necklaces. Both the cat and human versions come in sterling silver, just like the canine counterpart.

Photo Credit: SlashpileDesign

You can find these beautiful symbols of your affection toward your furry BFF on Etsy. Simply follow the link, or look up SlashpileDesign.

Photo Credit: SlashpileDesign

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