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This Dog Had 19 Puppies AT ONCE And I’m So In Love!

Puppies, puppies everywhere!! I love puppies!! Soft ones, furry ones, short-haired varieties, long-hair pups, they are all so adorable!!

One session playing with a cuddly pooch is known to lower stress levels and increase production of oxytocin, the stress-relieving hormone.

That’s a fancy way of saying they are awesome!

They are great companion animals, which is probably why these snuggly sniffers are known as therapy animals to individuals, hospitals, hospices, and even retirement homes.

Get Ready For The Cuteness, Here It Comes.

Imagine this puppy overload 19 times over!! That is exactly what happened to momma Great Dane, Cleo, in Kingman, Arizona.

Photo Credit: Metro

She carried 19 (Yes, I said 19!) puppies, and they were all born living!!

They were delivered with the help of an emergency C-section, performed by the doctors and staff at Kingman Animal Hospital.

Photo Credit: Kingman Animal Hospital

Can you even imagine?!?

Cleo’s owners taking care of the puppies
Photo Credit:

An average litter of Great Dane puppies has 10 to 15 cute fur balls. She more than beat the average by busting out the whopping 19 cuddlesome critters!

Momma and puppies are said to be doing well, and resting peacefully after this huge feat of cuteness overload.

Photo Credit: Metro

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