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This Starbucks Hot Chocolate Hack Really Takes Your Hot Chocolate To The Next Level

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I’ll admit, I’m a hot chocolate snob.

While those powdered hot chocolate drinks will do in a pinch, I really love it when hot chocolate is made with steamed milk and actual chocolate.

Starbucks Hot Chocolate tends to be my favorite go-to chocolatey drink on a chilly winter day.

The standard Starbucks Hot Chocolate — steamed milk, mocha sauce, and whipped cream — is hard to beat.


But, Starbucks Baristas have been working their magic, finding recipes that really kick the hot chocolate up a notch, and you have to try it.

TikTok Starbucks barista @itsjoboi has put together a hot chocolate recipe that really makes me want to run to Starbucks right now for one of these delicious hot chocolatey beverages.


How To Hack Your Starbucks Hot Chocolate Recipe

You choose your hot chocolate size — but if you don’t go with Venti, you’re doing life wrong.

@Itsjoboi suggests ordering a Starbucks Hot Chocolate, but you’re going to make these modifications.

First of all, you want to ask for “Breve” — which is basically half and half.


Then, you want to ask for it without mocha. Stay with me here.

Substitute vanilla syrup for the mocha, and ask for SEVEN scoops of java chips (this is for a Venti).

When the java chips melt into the steamed milk, you will get a much richer flavor, and the vanilla syrup will really balance it out.

You want them to top it off with their signature whipped cream, but ask for them to add chocolate shavings to the top.


Other Ways To Hack Your Starbucks Hot Chocolate Recipe

Another option — if the java chips just sound like a bit much — is to ask for half white mocha and half regular mocha.

This cuts down on the chocolate overload, and makes your drink sweet and smooth.

You can also add another syrup to the mix. I like a good Peppermint Mocha, but you do you.

They have caramel, vanilla, hazelnut, gingerbread, sugar cookie, and an entire plethora of other flavors to choose from.

If you’re feeling feisty, you can add a shot of espresso to your hot chocolate beverage. Espresso makes everything better.

You can also change up the type of milk you get — coconut, almond, soy, etc — but just know it is probably going to change the flavor and consistency of the drink just a bit.

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