A Recall On Drink Mixes Has Been Expanded. Here’s What You Need to Know!

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Back in November, there was a recall from Kraft Heinz because pieces of glass and metal were found in some of the drink mixes.

Well, we seem to be on a recall trend and they have extended this recall!

The November recall was for Kool-Aid Tropical Punch and Country Time Lemonade Mixes and they were removed from store shelves.


Now Kraft Heinz has expanded the recall and added more “best by dates”.

These products include 82.5-ounce, 19-ounce, as well as on-the-go mixes.

You’ll want to check your pantry and cupboards for any with “best when used by” dates from August 31st, 2023, and September 1st, 2023 according to a statement from Costco.

Publix also released a statement addressing the recall and listed the following items to look out for:

  • Country Time Pink Lemonade 19-ounce Drink Mix with a best by date of August 30, 2023, through September 13, 2023
  • Country Time Lemonade 19-ounce Drink Mix with a best by date of August 11, 2023, through September 11, 2023
  • Kool-Aid Tropical Punch 19-ounce Drink Mix with a best by date of June 12, 2023, through October 20, 2023

So far there have not been any incidents of harm reported due to this, and the pieces are so small it isn’t likely to cause harm… however, better safe than sorry right?

You can return any items on the recall list to the store where you bought them or just throw them away.

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