Aldi is Selling $5 Cheese-Filled Christmas Ornaments

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This is NOT a drill, people. Aldi has Christmas ornaments — filled with CHEESE!

Aldi really knows the way to my heart!

“What a crazy idea,” you say. “Oh, nay nay,” I reply.

Picture it: Your Ugly Christmas Sweater Party is in full swing. You bring out a cheese board filled with fancy-shmancy crackers, grapes, and holiday nuts for people to munch on whilst mingling. BUT WAIT!

The cheese is missing to make your cheese board complete! You tell the partygoers to take a closer look at the tree. Those festive decorations are ACTUALLY awesome balls filled with cheese that they can pick off and enjoy. Totally fun AF, right?!?

Each ornament — that’s as big as my hand — holds FOUR pieces of shrink-wrapped cheesy goodness. You get TWO Mild Cheddar Cheese servings — I want to call them CUBES, but they are much bigger than cubes. You also get TWO Grass Fed Cheddar Cheese servings.

They will run you about five bucks an ornament, and that really is a steal for what you are getting — FOUR servings of cheese AND a decorative ornament!

You need to keep these refrigerated until you are ready to use them. Since they are shrink-wrapped, they should last a bit longer than cheese that’s just sitting out. I wouldn’t leave them out for days-on-end, though. That would just be gross.

These won’t be around forever. In fact, I’d not take my chances and wait. Go straight to Aldi, and pick up a tree full today!

These would also make great stocking stuffers for the day of Christmas. OR, you could skip the cookies and milk on Christmas Eve, and leave Santa an ornament filled with cheese and a glass of wine. I promise you, she’ll he’ll love it!!

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