Lipton Released A New Tea Called ‘Dealing With Relatives’ And I Need It

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Oh, Lipton, you really get me! Lipton has come out with a line of Realiteas, and the names say it all.

I absolutely love the Holidays, but they can be a little — shall we say — stressful. There’s a reason I bought that wine advent calendar from Aldi!

Each of these Lipton tea boxes have a hilarious title, and the corresponding bags inside are meant to relax, soothe, and calm. With ingredients like ginger, mint, orange, cinnamon, and fennel, they are sure to do what they say!

The teas have names like Dealing With Relatives, Finding The Perfect Present, Last Minute $hopping, and Whole Lotta Holiday C**kies, and I think I need every one of these boxes!

Unfortunately, these boxes of tea are currently sold out on the Lipton website. Each box, however, corresponds to one of their Wellness Line teas, so they have your back! Lipton carries this Wellness Line all year long — the boxes just don’t have the cutsie-tootsie names.

If you were lucky enough to snag one of these festive, limited boxes, you are LUCKY, and I’m not jealous at all — maybe a little bit.

Watch for them next year as early as October. They go FAST.

Would it be wrong of me to drink Dealing With Relatives right in front of my relatives? Yes? I don’t care.

You’ll love to know — during this season of coughs and sniffles — this ‘Tis The Sneeze*N is actually Lipton’s Daily Support tea blend, although I like the name ‘Tis The Sneeze*N MUCH better! Knock out that winter cold with ingredients like turmeric, echinacea, ginger, and orange. It also contains all that good-for-you vitamin C that you need to stay healthy!

Whole Lotta Holiday C**kies is really the Soothe Your Tummy tea blend, and you’ll be happy you have it after all the overindulgences of the Holiday season! It has ingredients like fennel, peppermint, and ginger essential oils, which help soothe that tummy!

My FAVORITE of the special Realiteas is the Dealing With Relatives tea! Ha! It has lavender, chamomile, and cinnamon to help soothe your mind when Aunt Mary starts to ask why you don’t have a better job, and why your children are little ferrel demons — Oh, that’s just me?

Never fear, you can still get this tea under a different name. The Dealing With Relatives tea is actually the Stress Therapy tea. Thank God!!

Even though I may not be able to get these awesome boxes of tea, you can BET I’ll be going to get their counterparts. I need every single one of them!

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