Air Purifying Succulent Jellyfish Plants Are Here To Turn Your Home Into An Indoor Aquarium

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Oh my! If these are not one of the coolest things ever, I don’t know what is! They are air purifying succulent plants that look like Jellyfish and I need some for real!


I just added this air purifying plant kit that I found on Etsy to my cart and I can not wait to get it!

Tillandsias AKA air plants can filter and cleanse the air around them. So not only are they beautiful to look at, they are super functional and beneficial for our homes.


The kit includes the following:

  • 4 Tillandsia Air Plants 1-3″
  • 4 Assorted Sea Urchin Shells 1.5″-2″ (1 Alfonso, 1 Green, 1 Pink, 1 Purple)
  • 1 Set of Hanging Accessories
  • 1 Kraft Gift Box
  • Aura Creations® Care Instructions
Emily Sample – Etsy Reviewer

Absolutely adorable! Came packaged so pretty (perfect for a gift) and well protected so none of the fragile urchins broke! One of the air plants came pretty brown and died within a week, but when I emailed the seller she immediately responded and sent a new plant my way!! They are hung over our dining table and bring us such joy!

Emily Sample – Etsy Reviewer

Air plants do not need soil and their leaves absorb water and needed nutrients from the air around them! They can live anywhere in nature. Air plants are found in the southern United States and South America.

Robby – Etsy Reviewer

These are absolutely adorable!! I hung them in a little window. The shells are gorgeous! Shipped fast!

Robby – Etsy Reviewer

They come in so many different sizes, colors, and shapes too! With this kit, you place your air plants in the sea urchins and suspend them so they look like Jellyfish when they are hanging!

Raquel – Etsy Reviewer

The packaging was brilliant in making sure they came in one piece, hanging them was a breeze & look how perfect they are! I love them so much thank you!

Raquel – Etsy Reviewer

You can purchase your own amazing Jellyfish air plant kit from AURAMORE on Etsy for only $22!

Jane McCauley – Etsy Reviewer

I absolutely love the way this person displayed them! How would you display these Jellyfish air plants in your home?


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