5 Ways to Shower Your Dog with Love

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This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Tender & True Pet Nutrition for IZEA. All opinions are 100% mine.

When you choose to adopt a pet you choose a companion for life. Much like your children, pets need love too (some more than others). If you have recently adopted a dog in particular, you’ve landed in the right place! Today I am sharing 5 Ways to Shower Your Dog with Love.

5 Ways to Shower Your Dog with Love

You might be thinking, I already love my dog so I am not sure if this is anything I already don’t know. In fact, you might just be that crazy dog person (totally my husband by the way). And that is entirely okay. However, you’re here because you want to be the best dog owner you can be right? After all, our pets are our family and that is why we want to give them the best life possible. That is exactly what I am here to help you do today.

  1. Play with your dog. Okay, okay this is basic information but how many times have you said “in just a minute” to playing with your dog and you distracted and forget? I bet a ton right? I am guilty of it too. Spend some time outside on a walk, take your dog to a dog park, or even play fetch in the backyard. Turn off all social media and bond with your dog, it will be great for the both of you and show just how much you love him/her.
  2. Spend time finding the “spot”. Every dog has that spot that when scratched, they do that crazy leg-kick thing. Do you realize how frustrating it must be to have a spot that constantly needs itching but your body doesn’t allow you to reach it? As human’s we can ask for help if we can’t reach, dogs not so much. So find his or her spot and scratch it for several minutes. Your dog will appreciate you!
  3. Make it treat time often. Another one of those “duh” things but seriously, treats are your dog’s bread and butter. You see, treats shouldn’t only be used when rewarding your dog for good behavior, how about the just because times? Dogs have the same food most of their life so treats mix it up a bit. Besides, I bet you have your own treat moments so share that moment with your dog.
  4. Spoil them with toys. Much like my husband who is like a big kid, my dog is spoiled with toys. Reason being: toys are fun! Our year old German Shepard loves toys and keeps him entertained for hours whether we are home or out for the day. Next time you visit your local pet store, take the time finding the perfect toys for your dog. Heck, make it a field trip and take your dog with to pick some out. They will love it!
  5. Give them the best when it comes to food. This is probably the most important way to show love to your dog. Choosing a food that loves them inside and out (I am taking from their digestion to helping with their fur and skin) is the ultimate “I love you this much” gesture. Just like humans, dogs need proper nutrition to live a healthy life. That is why I encourage you do your research before choosing the right food for your dog.

Helping You Choose The Right Food

Almost all of the tips I shared above are pretty self-explanatory but when you get down to #5 you are probably noticing that your head is spinning. It’s understandable because just about every person you ask uses a different food for their dog so you are left reading dozens and dozens of reviews to find one that fits for your dog too. Instead of doing that, let me talk to you about some things that are important to watch for in your dogs food:

  • Meat should be the first or one of the first ingredients always.
  • There shouldn’t be any fillers, preservatives, or artificial ingredients in the food.
  • Look for antibiotic-free foods

Again, seems overwhelming right? Well not so much if you are looking in the right place!

I was recently introduced to Tender & True which is the pet food for animal lovers. At Tender & True™, they believe your pet’s food should be a reflection of the love you share, the life you share and the beliefs you hold. They know you love your dog or cat. In fact, you believe all animals should be treated humanely. All animal proteins in Tender & True are certified by the Global Animal Partnership (GAP) and were humanely raised in a reduced-stress environment without added hormones or antibiotics.

Plus, all Tender & True food’s are:

  • Antibiotic-free
  • Sustainability (GAP Certified)
  • USDA Organic
  • A Balanced Formula for all life stages (the product line is suitable for any age – no puppy blend, mature adult blend, etc.)
  • Farm-to-bowl (no artificial flavors/ingredients or preservatives)

So you are getting everything your dog needs and nothing they don’t. Want to know more? You can learn more about Tender & True on their website and Find Tender & True near you here.

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