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Taking A Trip? Don’t Forget To Pack Your Leggings!

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Mid-May my now husband and I eloped to Jamaica. I knew going in that I’d have some, shall we say, wardrobe struggles? You see, I wear leggings 99% of the time these days. I can dress them up, down, work out in them and not worry about my comfort, thigh chafing or being appropriately dressed. They’re my every occasion solution. But, let’s face it, majority of leggings are not tropical zone friendly.

I’ll never forget my mad dash in packing. I’d chosen 5 pairs of leggings and in eyeing the suitcase space remaining figured, what are the chances I’ll even wear one of these?

I took two pair of leggings with me on our Weddingmoon. Two. For eight days. Oh, how I wish I could go back in time… Seriously, I went a week without leggings and immediately regretted it.

I Went A Week Without Leggings, And Immediately Regretted It

Here’s the thing you should know about me: my thighs are enemies. Mortal enemies. Every time they touch, they try to fight to the death. It’s like someone shows, “FINISH HER” every time they touch. I have horrible issues with chafing, and there’s jack I can do about it. Regardless of how much I’ve weighed, be it 100 to 200 pounds, I have this problem no matter what. I can thank decades of riding horses for that. I’ve tried tons of different products, some work better than others, and suffice to say, the best bet for me is to just wear something knee length.

Poor, naive me figured going into our Weddingmoon that I could get away with wearing a mix of short and long shorts when we weren’t in the water. I didn’t really take into consideration how many off-resort excursions we wanted to go on or how much walking was involved.

I lasted until about the sixth day before I was literally bleeding from chafing and just wanted my LuLaRoe back. Yes, bleeding. Never fear, I had band-aids. The leggings were safe! At one point I was crying the chafe was so bad.

I’ll never forget the utter bliss of sliding into this pair of butter-soft, floral leggings. It was like wrapping myself in a piece of heaven. I didn’t hurt anymore. I was comfortable. My thighs each had their own room. They were no longer being forced to make friendly. And a happy bonus? My leggings were tropical print!

Suffice to say, I’ll never leave home without a full suitcase dedicated just to leggings ever again.


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