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This TikTok Video Shows You How To Make An Oreo Cookie Mug Cake and I’m Making One Now

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I love easy food hacks, don’t you? That Dalgona Coffee hack that came out this winter was BOMB!! I drank SO MUCH Dalgona Coffee!! I think I went through an entire container of instant coffee. Ha!

Now there is a hack circulating through the world of TikTok, and it is OMG good!

This hack has to do with Oreos — so you know right there that it’s going to be hella good!!

Get ready for an Oreo cookie Mug Cake that is just about the easiest thing you have ever made. I’m not joking, it is SO easy!! You can go from Oreo cookies in your hand, to mug cake in 2 minutes.

Get yourself a package of Oreos. I don’t care what flavor you get. Any of them will probably turn out amazing.


I also don’t care which size bag you get, that’s up to you. I mean, if it were me, I’d get the Party Size, but I just love Oreo cookies like that!


Then, you want milk. Just plain ol’ milk. About 1/2 cup works just fine.

You now want to grab yourself a microwavable mug. Make sure it’s microwavable, this is a pretty important feature.

Break up your Oreo cookies into your mug until it is full — about 5 to 7 cookies.


Then, you add about 1/2 cup of milk — don’t overflow your cup. You want the milk to come JUST to the top of the Oreos.


Now, take a fork, and get to smooshing. You want to mix the Oreos and milk together until it looks like a batter — a dirty, dirty batter.

Now — this is important — TAKE YOUR FORK OUT OF YOUR MUG. Microwaves don’t like metal.


Microwave your mug mixture for 75-90 seconds. You want it to be a shiny cake consistency when it’s done cooking.

Let that sucker COOL OFF. It will be HOT!!

Once it is not lava-hot, you can go ahead and dig in. It should be a yummy, chocolatey, cakey consistency.

Courtesy of @eitan on TikTok

If you want to immediately make another one, I won’t tell anyone.

Watch the TikTok videos below, to see this hack in action.


Watch “Quarantined Qooking” On Instagram -> @EITAN ##lifeathome ##coronavirus ##coronatime ##cooking ##recipe ##quarantined ##oreos ##cake ##mugcake ##food ##yum

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