10 Things To Do With Fidget Spinners After Your Kids Are Done With Them

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Fidget spinners are awesome. But, let’s face it: pretty soon your kids are going to be tired of them and you’ll be stepping on them in the dark just like you do all their other discarded toys. It happens. Kids have an attention span equal to a gnat on speed and while fidget spinners might be fun now, we all know the next big thing is just around the corner. That’s okay, though. Unlike those Pokémon GO t-shirts, and Hatchimals that are stuffed in the closet somewhere, there are actually some legit things you can do with fidget spinners once the kids lose interest. In fact, here are 10 things you can do with fidget spinners after your kids are done with them!

10 Things To Do With Fidget Spinners After Your Kids Are Done With Them

1. World’s worst personal fan: It’ll spin. Probably won’t make you that cool…but it’ll spin!

2. Roller derby ball bearings: For that hard core derby chica who always needs new ones for her skates!

3. Make your own prize wheel: Whoever’s name it lands on gets the last piece of pizza!

4. DIY lazy susan: Put a plate on it and watch it spin ’round! Dinnertime!

5. Propeller for a really tiny motor boat: Like, really tiny. Or a regular size motor boat that just moves really slow.

6. Paint your nails REALLY FAST: Just attach a few brushes and you’ll be done before you know it! It’ll be messy, but it’ll be fast!

7. Barbie Dream House ceiling fan: That one’s pretty legit. Yeah, I’m definitely doing that one.

8. Use it to hypnotize your husband: Into doing chores, or massaging your feet, or going to the grocery store on a Saturday.

9. As a blender: When yours is on the fritz and you REALLY need cake. Because let’s face it, sometimes we REALLY need cake.

10. Forget the spinner: You’ve got your very own fully fledged Ninja star on your hands! Not exactly deadly, but it’ll get your kid’s attention from across the room!

Okay, so probably you should just throw them away. Or donate them…so that they can throw them away. But hey, don’t fret! The next trend is coming out soon and your kids will be too excited about it to even realize their fidget spinners have been ‘retired’.

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  1. Seriously though, the Lazy Suzan, brush, and prize wheel ideas are legit. I might try them!?

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