This Sloth Tea Infuser Helps You Brew Your Tea Nice and Slow

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It’s tea season and I don’t care who knows it. Whether you are ordering the Medicine Ball Drink off the Secret Starbucks Menu or making your own version of it at home, one thing is for certain, you need this Sloth Tea Infuser Helps That You Brew Your Tea Nice and Slow!

Save waste and take a break from your frantic pace and let SLOW BREW make you the ideal cup of tea; This charming design is sure to make you smile. SLOW BREW is packed in a colorful box perfect for gifting

SLOW BREW – get it? Because sloth’s are sloooooowwwwwww. HA pretty clever.

This Adorable little guy is simple to use, you just stuff him full with your favorite tea leaves and then carefully attach him onto the side of your mug.

Then sip and enjoy your favorite tea.

This is the perfect gift for anyone who sloth’s and honestly, who doesn’t?

You can get your Sloth Tea Infuser Here. He costs less than $10 with free shipping for prime members.

Want more Sloth goodness? Check out this Giant Sloth Toy from Aldi.

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