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Ed Sheeran Has A New Line Of Hot Sauces And I Must Try Them

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Ed Sheeran has branched out into the world of — wait for it — hot sauce.

What? That seems a bit odd, right.

Turns out, he likes to bring the heat to his food, but he was totally unimpressed with the current selection of hot sauces on grocery store shelves.

Ed decided to take matters into his own hands, and came up with Tingly Ted’s Hot Sauce.

I felt like something was profoundly missing in my life, and after much soul searching, I realised it was a proper hot sauce. So I made @tinglyteds.

Ed Sheeran on Instagram

Now, I am a bit of a hot sauce connoisseur myself, so this idea both intrigues and delights me.

This Ed Sheeran hot sauce is a collab with Kraft Heinz, and it is based on the nickname Ed used to go by as a kid — Ted.

I love my food — that’s no secret. But the older I get, the more I need spice. So we’ve developed a hot sauce called Tingly Ted’s. I’ve developed this over time with some expert hot-sauce makers and we basically whittled it down to the best flavors, the best chilis.

Ed Sheeran on Instagram

Ed wanted his hot sauce to be the consistency of ketchup, and to really stand out amongst all the other hot sauces in his fridge.

Tingly Ted’s will be available in two different flavors: Tingly and Xtra Tingly.

Each person’s heat tolerance is different. We recommend you try them yourself! Tingly Sauce is rated as Medium and Xtra Tingly Sauce rated as Hot.

Tingly Ted’s

Now for the bad news.

This hot sauce duo is available for presale in Europe, Australia and New Zealand — but not in the U.S.

*Sad Face*

But, hopefully they will be crossing the pond soon, and coming to a store near you.

I can’t wait to try them.

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