Reindeer and Santa Flamingos Are Here to Flock Your Way to Christmas

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Amazon has Holiday Flamingos for your yard, but they aren’t the Pink Flamingos you are used to. These puppies — er, flamingos — are decked out in Holiday Style!

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Is there anything more absolutely tacky — AND WONDERFUL — than a Pink Flamingo for your yard? I love them! They are so quirky and fun.

I also totally love Santa and his Reindeer decorations in my yard. Not an over-abundance of decorations. Just — you know — Clark Griswold style will do.

Now I can have a SantaMingo — get it? Santa Flamingo! — and ReinMingos to completely kitsch out my yard for the Holidays!! Ha!

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This PERFECTLY PINK SantaMingo stands 33 inches tall — that’s almost three full feet! He (She?) is also coated with a bit of UV protection, to help them withstand the outdoor elements.

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ReinMingo is also 33 inches tall, with that UV protection, but he is brown — because Reindeer aren’t pink!

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If I don’t want to stab these Holiday cuties down into my yard, they would also be totally awesome sticking out of one of my indoor plants!

Look how positively adorable these look! I need these in my yard.

I’ve never seen a cuter Santa and his Reindeer.

I totally love Tammy’s review on Amazon. She gets me. Ha!

My neighbor hates them with a passion. She grumbles about then all the time, and her hatred fuels the flames of my adoration. As such, they have been proudly displayed in my yard since I received them.

You can get your own SantaMingo and his ReinMingo right on Amazon.

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Want even MORE fun for your yard this Holiday season? Amazon also has this Inflatable Grinch with his trusty dog Max. I will own this! Ha!

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