How To Make A Fancy Vase Using Skittles and a Soda Bottle (plus a bonus board game idea!) #VIPFruitFlavors

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Social Fabric Disclosure StatementIt’s no secret I love candy. Everyone jokes that I could pretty much eat only candy every single day and be totally fine with that. They’re probably right. (You know, except for the crazy belly ache!)

Spring screams bright colors to me, and so does candy, so I figured why not make some teacher gifts with CANDY!?! My daughter has three teachers this year, and they’ve been working HARD getting the kids ready for all these standardized tests, so I decided to make them each an adorable spring flower vase using Skittles. (And you seriously won’t believe how easy it is!)

Skittles and Starburst Teachers Vase #Ad #CBIAS

To make these Soda Bottle Skittle Vases, all you need to do is:

  1. Get some fancy flowers from the store (I used daisies, because they’re my fave, and they come in all sorts of bright spring colors), about five packages of Skittles, and a glass soda bottle. (Any clear glass bottle will do, but I wouldn’t get a colored one because you really want your Skittles colors to pop in the vase.)Step 1 Skittles and Starburst Ad CBIAS
  2. Scrape the label off the bottle using some old scissors. (You could leave it if you wanted to, but I think it looks way cuter without.) This was probably the most time consuming part. I tried acetone and paint thinner, but neither of them got it off.Step 2 Skittles and Starburst #Ad #CBIAS
  3. Clean off your bottle and make sure it’s VERY DRY. (This won’t work if you have water in the bottom of the bottle, because the Skittles will get gross.)Step 3 Skittles and Starburst #Ad #CBIAS
  4. Empty one package of Skittles into the bottle, and that should be enough to secure your flower. Then just empty the other packages into the bottle and you’re done! (You might have to move the stem around a bit to get all the Skittles into your bottle.)Step 4 Skittles and Starburst #Ad #CBIAS

How did I have enough candy to make these? Well, I found this¬†Skittles & Starburst 30 Pack from Sam’s Club. Perfect, right? (And don’t worry, there is still totally enough left over for me to have some. *pops Skittle in mouth*

#ad #cbias

In fact, I ended up with so much candy that my kids were able to make a board game out of Starburst and used the Skittles as their playing pieces!

Make your Own Board Game With Starburst and Skittles #AD #CBIAS

This board game was SO easy to make! They glued down the Starburst to a file folder (They just used Elmer’s glue-all, but I am sure that hot glue would have been much faster) and used them as the squares for their pieces to move along. Then each of them chose a Skittle to use as their game piece. They rolled the dice, and whoever made it to the last skittle first got to eat theirs! I love this because it wasn’t just my kids mindlessly eating candy, they ended up only eating a couple of pieces instead! They’re saving the rest of their package so they can play again tomorrow!

Although this was a sponsored post, all opinions and creations are my own. This is the most fun we’ve ever had writing a sponsored post, and we love Skittles and Starburst! #Ad #shop #CBIAS #VIPFruitFlavors #CollectiveBias


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